About Me

My name is Angela Lee McIntyre and I currently live and work in Andong, Republic of Korea (South Korea). I’ve been here for 3 years and have just signed on for another year beginning March 1. I teach English at Andong National University. I was lucky to be hired as I only have a B.A. (in Creative Writing). I work in the the Dept. of English Education and teach Composition, beginning through advanced, and conversation, and a class called Topics for English Majors, which I will teach this semester (March, 2010) for the first time. I’m thinking of handing it over to the students and seeing what they want to do.

I have a mixed breed dog from Korea named Sam-bo, which in Korean means 3 jewels. So his English name is Sam and his Korean name is Sambo. You’ll hear me refer to him frequently.

I have 5 living brothers. I’m divorced. I lost my mother and 2 of my best girlfriends this year and so it’s been a hard year.

Blogging really feels like a whole new genre. It seems a good format for non-fiction, those insights that come and go, often without having a place to land. Different sorts of thoughts come in my head when I’m writing my blog. Hopefully I won’t bore you. (Secretly, I’d like to amuse you and make you laugh — we’ll see . . . perhaps unintentionally, at least.) And I’ll be adding some poetry here and there, which could be cool.

Oh, Simple Minds because I’m a great admirer of the simple mind, the fool. For example, Forrest Gump, Rumi, dogs, children, trees . . . you get the idea.



6 responses to “About Me

  1. Hi, I just tuned in. I can’t find your name on this blog even though I know your name.
    It’s cold here. I’m broke, but I have some food. This is good. I like what you wrote about learning things.

    • Andy, It seems when you create the blog using a standard old “user ID” it clings to that as if it’s your name. It’s irritating. Eventually I’ll figure out how to get my actual name on there. Glad you have food. Love, Angie

  2. Ang, Love the Buddha Birthday poem. Went to the northern Colorado Stupa yesterday and came home with some prayer flags to hang on the patio. Hope to hear more from you and see you, soon. Your pal, Bara

  3. I didn’t know there was a northern Colorado stupa. A Tibetan monastery-type place? I think Colorado is just teeming with Buddhists, like Korea. I can just see those prayer flags on your patio. xo Ang

  4. Hi Angie, This is Singh from MOOC (Chris Mooney-Singh). A pleasure to hear you are living and teaching in Korea. I live in Melbourne, Singapore and regularly visit India. I went to Jeju some years back as the Singapore delegate at the Delhi Games (the Olympic Games of the Arts). My website and journal is chrismooneysingh dot com


    • Hi, Singh! Gee, sorry to just be getting back to you. I just saw this and am delighted to hear from you. I came back here today to post a new poem and so it’s a good day all around! I never did get to Jeju, sadly, but heard many a good story about it from Korean friends, other teachers and students.
      I am back home now in Canada after 7 years in Korea, living on a small gulf island between Vancouver and Vancouver Island. Be well and perhaps see you in the Poetry MOOC starting soon!

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