I Am Your Birthday Cake

I am your birthday cake.

Words like sweet and love

roll off your tongue

although you know little about me

those words are chocolate sauce

poured over me

you’ve already lit the candles,

can we fall head first into this cake,

is it time?

No, not yet, someone announces

with wine-coloured lips,

and stars in their eyes, maybe me.

My hands know nothing

but how to hold yours,

seems I’ve always known you;

my clothes are around my feet

and I can’t take my eyes off you,

even when you’re miles away.

I’m drenched in sweat from the heat

off hot rocks in this lodge,

now steam rises and I lay low to breathe

because now you’ve followed

another guest out the door

as a breeze blows out the candles,

all but this one to light a new fire.


2 responses to “I Am Your Birthday Cake

  1. Magically romantic, and so enjoyable. I read it three times

  2. Enjoying the romance…and the mystery

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