Recycled Glass Day

When the recycling truck comes

to pick up our newspapers, cans, glass

they break each bottle, POP!

the skittering of shattered glass

down the chute.

You sometimes broke me

when we cracked together,

I would crack and cling

my shards, glistening dangerous beauty

would slide down,

whole structures broke apart

slide and settle down onto one another,

overlap, dissolve

sink into the bottom of it all



The sky looms, slants close.

Just inside the plate glass window

my new tv smiles at me.



I carry the spider out

on the white postcard

sent from your visit in hell.



Nothing is harder than this rock,

blanket under me,

but I doze off, held.



An animal, black, glossy

swims among these rocks.

Head up, tail follows him down.



The animal climbs over

kelp-covered rocks, sniffs,

swims by, chewing fish.



Sunny June morning.

I am silent as the moon,

I bleed with the moon.



Seaweed undulates below.

A man and chainsaw

hack through this day.



Wind presses me back

forces cedar, dry grass

past me. Not you.


Angela Lee McIntyre, written approximately 1993, Victoria, BC




3 responses to “Recycled Glass Day

  1. You bring beauty to simple moments Angela. Thank you for sharing these. You inspire me to pay attention and find words. Hugs!

    • Hey, Josette! How’d you find this so fast? I just posted it! So glad you did. Thanks for your generosity! Today I decided to begin again to post my old and new poems here. Stay tuned! I look forward to reading yours, too! xoxo

      • It popped up in my “Blogs I Follow” feed. It’s a nice way to stay connected with… hehe… blogs I follow. 😛 I look forward to reading more of your work!

        I’ve been staying away from my teaching blog these days and finding more connection to my personal blog “Private Mixture”. Actually I’m going to post something right now! 🙂

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