Slow and Steady

Happy to see you. Do you know what’s amazing? Feldenkrais is amazing. I’ve known this for along time, but I rediscovered it this week when my back and pelvis went out and wonky on me. Here in Korea my options for chiropractic or bodywork help is very limited, so it forces me back to looking to myself, and what I already know (and have spent years learning) about my body and how to heal it. Duh. During these last few months of sitting at desks and working tightly and ignoring my body it had to show up somehow and now I can’t sit for longer than 5 minutes or getting up is torture.  But . . . the most important thing about all this is reading some of the things Moshe Feldenkrais said and seeing it myself after just 4 days of doing short (20 minute) lessons.  The gist is that movement, the habitual ways we move, based on all that we’ve learned since we were born — from breathing to speaking to playing tennis comes from and CREATES our self image. It solidifies, not just in our minds but in our bodies, we become rigid patterns of human beings using only 5% of what we are really capable of.

This can be gently undone, spread apart and opened for new learning to take place.

This tells me that even though meditation is a useful, time honored and effective tool, that combined with feldenkrais, things can change in an even more holistic way — especially for those of us (and now I think we all are, perhaps just not consciously) kinesthetically-oriented types. Those of us who don’t feel we are experiencing the world unless we can track the experience in our bodies. And, those of us who also tend to shut down this experience out of fear or ???

It’s exciting and brings my way of learning to consciousness — validating what sometimes seems like a slow, turtle-like way of being in the world. Slow and gentle. Barely moving gives me time to experience the openings — nothing to accomplish, just the pleasure of the movement. Ah, yesssssss


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